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Patrick Sonderheimer, Germanwings Captain: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Andreas Lubitz’s apartment building in Dusseldorf. EKP, where TRUTH lives…. Andreas Lubitz Geller, Andreas Lubitz holocaust, Andreas Lubitz Jew, Andreas Lubitz Jewish, Andreas Lubitz Marxist Jew, Andreas lubitz terrorist, Andreas Lubitz Zionist, Germanwings Lubitz Jew, Lubitz gay, lubitz jew The fact there are sick notes saying he was unable to work, among other things, that were found torn up, which were recent and even from the day of the crime, support the assumption based on the preliminary examination that the deceased hid his illness from his employer and his professional colleagues. The EKP decided to investigate this horrific story because certain very evil elements in the (cough Jewish cough) media tried their utmost to tie it to Islamic extremism. WATCH: How to Lock & Unlock an Airbus A320 Cockpit Door, Public Prosecutor of Marseille Brice Robin said Thursday that Lubitz’s “intention was to destroy the plane.”. To know where they’re going to hit next Attacks on Syrian sovereignty, Libya, the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, pushing us into war with Iran, brainwashing of our people via Hollywood and now this atrocity. Germany in particular? I’m tired of hearing about the how bad we “Englsih people” treated the Irish – Sinn Fein and your current ruling elite are FAR worse! Giacomo Vallone, EKP Director, John de Nugent and Giacomo Vallone discuss Andreas Lubitz’s real motives, “When the Messiah comes”, right-wing Israeli author Ben-Eliyahu wrote, “Israel will reverse Hitler’s Final Solution.”, “Twenty, thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on to assure the job gets done. March 26, 2015, 8:06 pm. They don’t take the lives of 150 innocent people. This is only the beginning of the Yinon plan….”(To learn more about the Yinon Plan, and how it impacts your part of the world, I’d suggest people sign up for our FREE EKP alert at the top right hand corner of this page.). So he was suffering from serious depression, and said he would “someday do something so the world would remember him.”… As far as I am concerned, and unfortunately I have known queers much of my life, and bisexuals (having been molested as a kid) I maintain he could still be bi.’ The visit to San Francisco made me suspicious, and something bitchy, self-centered and whiny about him seems fem-gay to me — bitchy gay hairdresser-style. Andreas Günter Lubitz. Dépressif, Andreas Lubitz avait un rêve : voler. EKP Director Giacomo Vallone continued: “It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if this was some sort of far Left Jewish mass murder. Lubitz first learned to fly as a young teenager, piloting gliders. Pilot Andreas Lubitz locked his captain out of the cockpit and flew a plane into a French mountainside on March 24, 2015. Lubitz can be heard calmly breathing on the black box recording as Flight 9525 descended and crashed in the French Alps. … He took a several-months break for reasons I do not know.”, Lubitz’s classmate’s mother added that Lubitz was a “good boy” with a “good family background” and, speculating on why he crashed the plane, said, “I can imagine the whole thing as a knee-jerk reaction. Still, we are not a white supremacist site or hate group and condemn all forms of racism. Compounding their evil, is the fact that the criminals controlling our media and minds, have tried pinning the Germanwings tragedy on Muslims in spite of the fact that Lubitz is a VERY Jewish surname, and quite obvious homosexual tendencies! Thursday 26 March 2015 20:16. Lubitz possessed an FAA-issued private pilot’s license, received in 2012, and an FAA-issued student license, received in 2010. If you're looking for racially charged rants, hate speech, or conversely-politically correct drivel, move along. “We have all seen what Zionist-induced hatred can do to disenfranchised European males – merely think Anders Breivik and the 70 Norwegian children he killed at the behest of his Jewish masters. “The Lubitz family line can trace it’s history back to the days of the ancient Kingdom of Israel dating from 930 BCE–720 BCE and we find this family had mythological connections to King Solomon as noted in the Talmud.” (NL), Josh Bonehill reported that “Andreas Lubitz visited Israel on more than 10 separate occasions in the last year alone. We would all be hearing the term racist used-by different factions nevertheless, but race would certainly be on our mind. The Dusseldorf prosecutors said they found no suicide note, no confession, and no indication of political or religious motivation. Récit d'une tragédie. Germanwings crash: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz's final email reveals his 'depression' and 'fear of going blind' The Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed on 24 March 2015 killing all 149 people on board. By Allan Hall. Police also searched Lubitz’s parent’s home and left with boxes of evidence. Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin, French and German authorities, as well as executives of Lufthansa, have issued statements that they believe that Lubitz intentionally crashed the Airbus A320 of Germanwings Flight 9525 ( GWI18G & D-AIPX) into the French Alps, killing himself along with 149 … Par Louis Ritot Le 30 mars 2015 à 09h01 . They did not specify the nature of the illness — whether it was physical or mental. Andreas Lubitz- It is unfortunate that we have lost so many human beings from Germanwings aircraft crash,recently. The BBC reports that a local hospital where Lubitz was recently treated denies the treatment was for depression: Duesseldorf University Clinic says Mr Lubitz had been receiving treatment there — but denies that this was for depression, contrary to some media reports. On the Pilots of America forum, earlier this year, puzzled pilots discussed their mysterious inclusion in the “vanity” website, which apparently mines public FAA data and turns it into a pile of identical, overblown articles with various pilot’s names inserted: Is this some type of spam website or scam or something? It’s not like he simply lashed out at a few people he didn’t like and then took his own life. true or not, who knows.. Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit Visit the WSJ Video Center: On Facebook:…2015-03-27T15:05:58.000Z.

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