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In 1518, the Theses of Luther were attached to the cathedral doors, and printing houses – which had a strong presence in the town thanks to Gutenberg – accelerated the propagation of the emerging Protestant faith. Master Gerlach continued the works between 1355 and 1365 and completed the third level of the bell tower. Tucked away in the cellars of the old medieval hospital are dozens of ancient barrels of wine, including one containing a vintage from 1472, said to be the oldest wine in the world. This blog is run by Pierre Guernier for French Moments Ltd, a company founded by Pierre and Rachel Guernier and based in the beautiful countryside of East Sussex, England. This piece of work (15 metres in diameter) is unique of its kind. The reduced dimensions of the chancel and the 63 metre length of the nave (among the longest in France) accentuate the impression of disproportion. Over 500 pages it focuses on the development of Gothic architecture with many illustrations and photographs, but not only. This map will help you find your accommodation in Strasbourg according to location and prices: The French Moments Christmas Gift Guide is out! In 19th century France, it was Victor Hugo who was known as the instigator of this revival of interest, inspiring the architect Viollet-le-Duc and thus saving Notre-Dame de Paris from ruin. Unlike the Gothic tradition of featuring Saints, it instead shows ears of wheat. The crypt contains the vaults of the bishops of Strasbourg in an amphitheatre covered by groined vaults. The 16th century marked a turning point for Strasbourg and its cathedral, following the eruption of Humanism and the Reformation. Every day at noon you can catch a quirky ritual in the streets of Strasbourg. The Pillar of Angels, an architectural prowess at the time of its construction around 1230, serves as the central pillar of the south transept. The form of the neo-Romanesque tower evokes other great Romanesque cathedrals of the Valley of the Rhine (Speyer or Mainz). It was the “poor man’s Bible”, a succession of small fairly easily identifiable pictures for the people of the time. During the showdown on 23 August, Prussian forces opened fire on the city, unleashing a massive attack and the siege didn’t end until France’s capitulation on 11 September, with considerable damage done to the city. The current mechanism dates from 1842. Référence 00731. This work by Hans Hammer for the preacher, Geiler of Kaysersberg, is no longer in use today, for practical reasons. Découvrez des t-shirts, posters, stickers, objets déco et autres produits du quotidien sur le thème Strasbourg, personnalisés par des artistes indépendants du monde entier. Project B is modelled on the façade of the Cathedral of Troyes (2 towers, 3 portals and a second storey with a central rose) and finished by clearly surpassing it in the new and opulent elaboration of gothic forms. Strasbourg Tourism Strasbourg … See for yourself. The façade of Strasbourg cathedral © French Moments. Its cul-de-four cupola is decorated with neo-byzantine frescoes dating from the 19th century. The newly bell tower-topped cathedral now reached a height of 100 metres. Références spécifiques. Il est resté tel quel depuis le bombardement de la ville ! Seriously old wine. La construction de la cathédrale de Strasbourg demanda beaucoup de temps et d’argent. This very richly decorated pulpit expresses in the magnificence of its sculptures, the essential importance of the Bible, the words of which must be announced until the ends of the earth. Whether you take the autoroute from Paris or Mulhouse, its silhouette with the single bell tower surmounted by a spire is visible from afar, heralding the next on-ramp to the Alsatian capital. La volonté de Strasbourg, de rayonner sur l’Europe chrétienne du Moyen Âge impulse la construction de ce puissant symbole : la cathédrale. La Nef, le Beffroi, les escaliers. Groshens et M.-N. Denis, dans "Récits et Contes populaires d'Alsace" : «Ce soldat se serait fait fort devant la population terrifiée de son projet téméraire, d'y descendre et de rejoindre le souterrain. It is by climbing to this platform that you can admire the flamboyant series of bells which have one of the greatest chimes in France, and, according to experts in campanology, one of the most perfect in Europe. View deals for Hotel Cathedrale, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation. Poser une question. The Totenglocke (its name in German which means the clock of the dead) was cast in 1427 by master craftsman Hans Gremp of Strasbourg and weighs close to 9 tonnes. If the width of the man exceeded the width of the column, they were in trouble with the boss. At 32 metres in height, it is taller than that of Rouen (28m) but remains well below that of Metz (41.4m). Ulrich of Ensingen had planned to cap the tower with a relatively simple spire. Recognisable from afar thanks to its atypical allure, the Cathedral of Strasbourg is the undisputed emblem of the city, and at times of the whole of Alsace. A small entry fee will be required, except for on Sundays and holidays where access to the clock is free after the 11 o’clock mass.

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