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Guerrière assidue et redoutable, Anya – interprétée par Dichen Lachman – va entrer en confrontation ouverte avec les Sky People. Jasper claims he is fine as Raven arrives and says he is not fine. Lincoln (played by Ricky Whittle) was one of those characters. But it didn’t.". Twilight's Last Gleaming Abby agrees to it. Octavia, however, constructs a plan to free him. Home Bellamy later brings Octavia Lincoln's body so she can give him a proper Trikru farewell alongside Sinclair who was murdered by Cage Emerson. Bellamy then says that the Trikru are the same as the Ice Nation which greatly upsets Lincoln. Lincoln est né sur Terreet était un guerrier du peuple des arbres. Lincoln no longer wears the guard jacket as he enters his and Octavia’s room in Arkadia but Octavia is not there. Assassiné sous les yeux d’Octavia, devenue depuis plus badass que jamais, il laisse tout … He rarely engages in recreation or humor of any sort, as he lets his own work dominate his life. Jackson types him and it comes up Rhnull. L’autre mort la plus choquante de The 100, c’est celle de Lincoln. She cuts Lincoln down and helps him get dressed. Abby decides she needs to speak with Indra. Nyko has lost a lot of blood and they bring him to Medical. He breaks it off, saying it is only a scratch and tells the delinquents to keep running till they get back to their camp. He generally speaks when spoken to, and even then, he tends to speak as little as possible, choosing to be concise and direct. There’s nothing you can do … so you play smart, you smile, you continue to not rock the ship and hope the storm passes. In order to escape the grounders chasing after them, Lincoln leads the two into a set of mine tunnels inhabited by Reapers. While camping for the night, Indra mutters "natrona" (traitor) to him, much to Lincoln's displeasure. Octavia sees the flower but ends up being the one to find Murphy. Lincoln overcomes his addiction to the red drug and injects it into Cage instead, killing him. She is portrayed by starring cast member Marie Avgeropoulos and debuted in the series premiere. In Long Into an Abyss, Bellamy and Octavia take Clarke to the drop ship where they have tied up Lincoln once again. Abby helps Raven off her horse because she can’t get down on her own. Abby, Jackson, and Lincoln come running to the gates of Arkadia as Octavia, Miller, and Raven bring back the injured Jasper. Deceased, 2150; Arkadia Prior to the controversy surrounding Whittle's departure, Rothenberg came under fire for killing off Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), one of the show's major characters who was also openly gay. Lincoln had just barely escaped the Reapers and Finn takes Bellamy's idea of using the Reapers to help them fight the Grounders. As he carries her back to his cave, she pleads with him to help her brother who is also out there. After Lincoln is tied up for not wanting to retreat with the Grounders when Lexa called a truce with the Mountain Men, Indra leaves him a knife so he can free himself and find Octavia. He smears blood on his face along with limestone to enhance his Reaper disguise. While she's pushing the arrow through, Finn asks him why he is helping the delinquents. (Skip to 15:11 in the video below to hear about the situation. Before Lexa's (Alycia Debnam-Carey) body … He leaves Octavia by a statue of Abraham Lincoln and heads to his village to save her. L’autre mort la plus choquante de The 100, c’est celle de Lincoln. A lire sur AlloCiné : Pour les besoins de "The 100", les acteurs de la série sont toujours couverts de gadoue, de faux sang et d'autres accessoires apocalyptiques ! A lire sur AlloCiné : Pour les besoins de "The 100", les acteurs de la série sont toujours couverts de gadoue, de faux sang et d'autres accessoires … His death, which happened in the most recent episode, was more than just a surprising plot twist. He later was captured by the Mountain Men, and forced to become a Reaper, but with Delinquents and Octavia's assistance, he was rescued and overcame his addiction to RED, the drug used to create the Reapers. Il y trouva un homme sérieusement blessé à l'intérieur, mais ne parlant pas anglais à l'époque, il ne comprit pas ce qui n'allait pas. She then hits him, saying that he either needs to get up and fight or "crawl away and die alone like a coward." Son père, Harry Whittle, est en effet un ancien militaire de la Royal Air Force (RAF). After Lincoln's execution by Charles Pike, Octavia kills Pike in revenge at the first chance she gets. In Rubicon, he attacks a grounder, Atohl from the Ice Nation, to drag him to Mount Weather in exchange for more of the red drug. Bellamy also suspects that Lincoln has taken a liking to Octavia after seeing sketches of her in his journal. Whittle said that despite the fact he left -- a decision he stands by -- he really loved the show, his character and the cast and crew, and continues to support the show on social media. Kane and Sinclair escaped, but Lincoln remained behind when Pike threatened to kill the rest of the Grounders he had locked up. Nyko thanks Abby for saving his life. His journal contains information on how to find, He was the first indication that there are multiple, Lincoln was named after the Lincoln Memorial the ruins of which rest near, Lincoln was the first Grounder to reside in, Lincoln was the first person to be executed under the. Tous les indices laissent penser que oui, et les voici ! Octavia finds Lincoln's journal and begins to break down. He disguises himself as the grounder who is supposed to execute Clarke and takes her away to the signal fire he lit where he reveals that he has also rescued Finn. Clarke calms her by telling her that he and Bellamy are going to be all right. Dans son enfance, il a vu un petit vaisseau venir sur Terre. Shaw. She realizes that the Grounders have been trying to bring back Reapers and failing and sees it as a possible way to stop Lexa from ordering the attack on Camp Jaha. PDV de Octavia Publié par Betty Ramez le 11 mars 2016 à 14h00 . Legal. Lincoln then runs into the shadows of the nearby woods. Après la mort de Lincoln, Octavia ne s'en remettra pas et plongera dans les ténèbres sans pouvoir trouver d'issus. Octavia starts crying and Lincoln tells her Trikru is in the heart and goes to kiss her but Octavia is too bothered by the jacket and turns away and leaves.

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