boeing 737 max crash cause

I swore I'd never set foot in a MAX, but I guess I'll start riding them when I forget about the crashes. We used a PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) method which would have easily identified the issues with the MCAS. Where to start? To make MCAS safe, we only needed the correct reset criteria. But as the investigations dug deeper into how Boeing and FAA could miss how dangerous the original MCAS was, the requirements for changes grew. Generally speaking, modern airliners are designed to be flown almost from takeoff to landing by computerized autopilot systems. Airbus was not a big competitor back then. The two plane crashes - one in Indonesia, the other in Ethiopia - that led to the worldwide grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes displayed similarities that linked them right away. I flew on these planes a few times before they were grounded. Most people will don't pay attention to the type of aircraft they fly. The Pilot always has enough pitch control to fly the aircraft. ", "Neither Lion Air nor Ethiopian Airlines had paid for that option. The crashes of two Boeing Co. 737 Max jets in five months have focused attention on a little-known device that malfunctioned, starting a chain reaction that sent the planes into deadly dives. This is a major shift in Boeing's operation philosophy and design that has been under-discussed The Boeing 737 first flew in … The root cause has nothing to do with the design of the airplane, the balance fore and aft, or the position of the engines. We can assume that any pilot who flies the airplane knows all about the problem now and has been vetted on the new system....and probably could avoid the problem in the first place by not taking the plane to the angle where it becomes vulnerable to misbehave. Centralised system gives major failure when it goes into error. The Boeing 737 Max has been grounded since March of 2019 after two aircraft crashes killing everyone on board. Boeing 737 Crashes Caused by a Few Lines of Missing Code. But airlines around the world have cancelled and delayed orders since the pandemic. More than 10 months later, nearly 500 MAX jets remain grounded, and orders for thousands more are in limbo. Mish. From the addendum, "Boeing assumed that the pilots would realize what was wrong and react appropriately within four seconds. I expect the plane will be fine, given the scrutiny and the level of attention given to the problem and its software fix....but the underlying problem with the aircraft not handling well at certain angles of attack is not going to go away. With the max and computer error they just decided to be able to blame the pilots :( . Flying isn't free so caveat emptor. Boeing knew about this flaw in 2017, a year before the crashes, but didn’t consider it critical.". I talked this over with software manager for a major fighter, she admitted I was right. I wouldn’t afraid to fly on one.....but that doesn’t make it a great airplane....and I think saying that a few lines of code “fixed the problem” is a little misleading. It is the same as the current "self driving" vehicles--where the driver is supposed to be in "watchful attendance" to the driving process. In retrospect, it is not really the lines of code that were the problem. In a lame duck session, stalled negotiations over coronavirus relief showed signs of new life Tuesday. A series of failures led to the crash of a Lion Air flight, which killed 189 people and led to the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max, a report has found. It was functional only if the airline had paid for an optional extra that added the AOA reading on the primary flight display. Executives couldn’t keep up with the 787’s complex manufacturing process. Two fatal crashes that killed a total of 346 people were caused by mistaken assumptions about “human-machine interaction” in the design of the aircraft, a Boeing executive has claimed. There are multiple reasons Trump's Supreme Court strategy will fail. Airlines will now phase out the name "max" and refer to teh plane as 737-8. doesn't combine failure of any one facet of control with others. FAA Certifies the Boeing 737 Max. Regulators, airlines, and Boeing need to grapple with how much information pilots are given as systems become more complex. Let's start with a review by Law.Com. The problem still needed to be fixed but these pilots were not properly trained to fly this plane. Except, for most people, over time they drift into a deeper reverie, where the first reaction to an oncoming incident is over-reaction to something that has been ignored slightly too long. Hence the requirement for MCAS so that the aircraft can operate safely. To access "737: What went wrong": Video preview of the augmented reality interactive “737 MAX: What went wrong”. And in June 2018, before the first crash, another Boeing engineering memo acknowledged that a slow reaction by the pilots, if they took 10 seconds to react instead of four, would be “catastrophic.” These memos produced no change to the design. I haven't designed any flight control systems but I have designed many process automation systems.

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