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At the ENSA of Strasbourg, the “PFE” is supported in two ways: This course is designed to prepare them to continue their studies at PhD level and to embark on professional careers in the urban and spatial planning fields. ENSAS is entitled to prepare for the PhD in architecture within the doctoral school “Human and Social Sciences: European Perspectives” (ED-519) of the University of Strasbourg. The second cycle of studies lasting 2 years leads to the State Diploma of Architecture conferring the degree of Master. Master's and PhD degree programmes Looking for a Master’s or PhD programme at a top university in the Netherlands? Strasbourg PES 2021 Stats - Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 stats for all Strasbourg players including Matz Sels, Kenny Lala and Adrien Thomasson. The scientific objective is to train high-level professionals and researchers in the fields of architecture, urban planning and development. Bij de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen gaat het om Geneeskunde, Tandheelkunde en Biomedische Wetenschappen en Psychologie. In addition to design, the DEA provides access to all consulting, project management assistance, technical studies, urban planning and development functions as an employee. The university offers a range of degrees including diplomas, bachelor’s, masters’s, and doctoral courses. The EFP consists of an architectural or urban project accompanied by a presentation report. Announcement of admission results by email. Within the framework of its master’s degree in European Studies, the University of Passau offers students the possibility of a French-German double degree programme with the Université de Strasbourg.Students can chose between two disciplines during their study in Strasbourg and benefit from the different education systems and research focuses of both universities. The Diploma Final Project (PFE) consists of an architectural or urban project accompanied by a presentation report. Le second cycle conduit au diplôme d’Etat d'architecte, conférant grade de master contrôlé par l'Etat. Scholarship applicants will be exempted from the pre-registration fee upon presentation of their notification of scholarship award for the current year. Follow us . Strasbourg, école d'architecture | Conférences et événements 09.14.2020. At the ENSA in Strasbourg, the FEP is supported in two ways : Invitation by e-mail to an admission interview for candidates declared eligible. The dissertation or placement report will cover a general scientific issue in the course subject. ENSA Paris Belleville. Short courses leading to qualifications; Teaching staff; About INSA Strasbourg. Its elaboration begins in the first semester of the fourth year of study: 156 hours of supervised teaching over three semesters are devoted to it. The University of Strasbourg dates back to the 16 th century, but the institution in its current form was founded in 2009, following the merger of Louis Pasteur, Marc Bloch and Robert Schuman universities. Theoretical and technical in-depth courses; a compulsory internship of at least two months; an introduction to research (thematic seminars and dissertation); mobility in an institution outside the European Union in the first year of the Master’s program; a defense in July which corresponds to 30% of the final grade; a defense in September, corresponding to 70% of the final mark. Die Strasbourg Masters sind internationale Meisterschaften im Badminton. Master’s in Urban and Territorial Planning. 33 (0)5 62 11 50 50. It is also a university in the heart of the city of Strasbourg, located on 4 major sites and several other locations in the region of Alsace, counting more than … My name is Annika Handreke, 24, and I started studying the Master Environmental Psychology in September 2017. Architects, engineers and holders of a master’s (M1) in architecture, geography and spatial planning, surveying engineering, sociology or other social sciences.Students who have completed any other course at M1 or M2 level may also be admitted via the equivalencesystem, subject to a review of their academic record by the admissions board to check that they meetthe necessary pre-conditions. Incomplete or late applications will not be processed. Toufik Hammoud, architect, associate professor, Ensa Nantes. This Master’s program trains experts in the field of international management. ENSA Paris Belleville. Close. This “free” Master’s degree is valued by 3 ECTS (subject to prior validation of the project). UEM 221 Projet de fin d’études et soutenance 120 H - 19 ects For administrative reasons, foreign cheques are not accepted (payment can be made by transfer to the School’s account). Jean-François Authier, architect, urban planner, INSA Strasbourg. Read more. No reimbursement of application fees will be made. Candidates declared eligible and residing more than 1,000 km from Strasbourg outside metropolitan France will be auditioned by videoconference. Double applications are not allowed: candidates applying in year 2, 3 or 4 cannot apply in parallel in year 1 via admission-postbac.

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